In order for us to represent you better, we offer all our candidates the opportunity of a face-to-face or telephone interview with us during which we will review your CV, ask questions similar to those you will experience with potential employers, and give you feedback on your interview technique. This helps us know more about you and how to introduce you to our Client Companies. It is provided free of charge and is an integral part of the way we operate.

However there may be times when you want more in-depth help.


  • You’re sending CVs to potential employers and getting turned down, or           worse still no response
  • You’re not being invited for second interviews
  • You’ve left an interview feeling you didn’t do as well as you could
  • You’re finding it difficult to answer the competency based questions often used these days
  • You find yourself out of a job and without any recent interview experience

When you feel you need to write a CV with more impact or make a change and improve your interview technique then we can provide additional coaching that will include:

  • CV structure and content
  • Use of positive language
  • Preparation for interview
  • The vital first impression and dealing with nervousness
  • How to talk confidently about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Competency based questions and how to answer them
  • Answering difficult and/or sensitive questions
  • Body language and the difference between positive and negative communication
  • Questions to ask at the end of the interview and getting feedback
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