clients – how we work


We recognise that people are a company’s biggest asset and usually its biggest expense. To ensure that the right people are in the right roles and the right company, it is necessary to first find those people not only with the correct skill set but also with the correct attitude and characteristics to fit into individual companies and teams.

At the out set we define a comprehensive job and person specification in conjunction with the client and develop an awareness of your own requirements and thoughts with regard to culture, ethos, markets, potential etc.

We use a range of search and selection techniques to ensure that we identify and offer for recruitment the most complex product on the planet – proven achievers, premium candidates who help increase operational productivity and become an asset to your company.

All career opportunities are conveyed to qualified candidates in a discrete and professional manner, with particular emphasis placed on preparing the candidate.

Candidates are interviewed on a face-to-face basis by a consultant, with importance being placed on the competencies and characteristics required by the client. Interview reports written by the interviewing consultant are provided for all candidates.

The client is kept informed of progress and provided with a shortlist of high calibre, qualified candidates for them to meet in person.

Personal Profile Analysis is available to client companies as part of the shortlist evaluation. This provides a view on candidate compatibility indicating primary personal and management characteristics.

At all times through the recruitment process, both client and candidate are kept informed of the current situation.

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